Symbols represent (other) possibilities of how things do and can exist (across timelines).

When you get into what makes a symbol visibile, you have to acknowledge the roles elements such as lines and colors play in what you name. For example numbers, how can you identify a number without lines coming together or patterns, what are they if not lines stretching out into actuality.

the 1HUNDRED collection uses a symbol in color and pattern variations to express (in this case) an alternative acknowledgement of the different ways we (humans) try to identify God through the very edges of how far we can go through languages we understand (in our consciousness). Some say we have 99 names for God, some say 100, all agree to multitudes.

The past - the future. Life - death. Before - after. Yet somehow the most important things are in the now - the present.

I present to you - the 1HUNDRED with its possibilities.

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