Why Are You Vegan

“Who send amm?! He wan kill himsef?!!!”

That’s  supposedly a line from a Nigerian comedians joke where they tell the story of a man who tried to convince his followers in church to go on dry fasting (no water, no food) for forty days and forty nights because Jesus did it and an old man from his audience stood up after he said that and screamed WHO SEND AM?? HE WAN KILL HIMSEF??

lol that’s such an unnecessary tangent but it occurred to me so I thought why not share? it’s my blog! also, *p.s we don’t know that Jesus of Nazareth did not drink water during his fast. ANYWAY, let’s get to the business of this blog post. I’m writing to respond to this question - “why are you vegan?”. Those who have followed me since I kicked off this blog in July (or so) know one of my major reasons for having a blog is to respond to questions I keep receiving so we can have the answers in one place or be able to share a link any time the same question pops up. 

So why is sloane angelou vegan?

I started following a (not so strict) vegan diet as an act of obedience to be very honest. With regards to my spiritual development, as well as somatic training, it felt like the next right intuitive thing to do. It’s been roughly two years since I started eating vegan. Before then, I had an on and off relationship with vegetarianism as well as pescetarianism. 

Since I said ‘with regards to my spiritual development’ I know some folks might want to get excited and think ohhh maybe that’s why they’re so “spiritually” inclined, or ohhh eating meat or animal products impedes spiritual development. LMAO please I beg you to calm down and not feed assumptions into my response. 

I said first of all, that my veganism is simply (very simply) an act of obedience. For me it is more of a discipline practice as well as a detox mechanism more than anything else. I cannot assure you that by this time next year, when I would have (god willing) achieved my somatic realignment goals, that I would still strictly be eating vegan. That might not be the case at all. I will most likely in fact, most definitely revert to eating my goat meat or turkey condiments occasionally in any situation when they are served. 

I am saying all this to clarify that my vegan diet practice is a very subjective undertaking, and if it consequently has any objective results then glory be to God. But I am sorry to say in as much as I believe animals have rights as well as intelligence (same goes for plants and anything else in nature), animal rights or justice has nothing to do with my reason for undertaking a vegan diet. I am sorry to disappoint anyone who thought otherwise. I admire the vocation most people within the vegan and vegetarian community take on, truly, but none of these reasons really inform my practice or have anything to do with what I make my business. 

Many spiritual as well as health welfare communities understand the value of keeping meat consumption (especially of certain kinds) to its minimum, and most have research to back their recommendation. All of those things are valid and if anyone wants to take such practices on for whatever reason (including religious reasons) then you have my applause. But I have stated my own reasons for my practice and made it clear in this post that those reasons have nothing to do with any virtuous. So unfortunately, I cannot take any such credit for anything of such as tempting as it may be. 

Finally, I believe it’s important for whoever wants to take on whatever practice to do so because they are convinced innately either by research or by refined intuition to do so. If anyone decides to do anything simply because someone else is doing it or for some assumed reason as to why other people are doing so, I offer the wisdom from rephrasing the quote I started this post with by asking  WHO SEND YOU?? YOU WAN KILL YOURSEF??.

Ụdọ 🌹.

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