Last year (2022) we promised a listicle series centered around music themes. so i’ve decided to kick it off with a list of ten of my fave WATA (as in water) songs by different artists. These are my top ten WATA themed songs, in no particular order; 

1.River, song by Ibeyi: my fave part is at the end of the song with the Yoruba Outro when they chant ‘Wemile Oshun Oshun dede Alawede Wemile Oshun Moolowo beleru yalode moyewede’ over and over again! 

2.The River, song by Geoffrey Oryema: ‘Nafikiliya Koruba Shamba Nafikiliya Koruba Shamba’ are my fave lines even though i have no clue what he’s saying with them, it just feels good!

3.Water No Get Enemy, song by Fela Kuti: an obvious choice no? lol ‘wataaa e no get enemieeee’

4.Mami Wata, song by Brian Jackson: no long lyrics,  just ‘Mami lo lo lo Mamiwata lo lo lo Mami lo lo lo Mamiwata lo lo lo Kata sin franta Kata di franta Kata Komiséria Mami béna okayyy’ and marine spirit musical vibes. i love it!

5.Spirit of the Ocean, song by Lila: chant vibes if you’re into that sort of thing. i like it!

6.Guitar Boy, song by Victor Uwaifo: fave line ‘If you see mammy water o If you see mammy water o Never, never you run away Ay, ay Sing that song of love, sweet melody’. i like this song alot especially because of the storyline of events which led to its creation. i shared the story in the post where i recommended some articles for mami wata enthusiasts 😉

7.Ezenwanyi Mmiri, song by Chinaza Ada Igbo: every line is a fave. i loveee this song because first of all it’s in my mother tongue + it’s message, and second of all i’m a fan of Ada Igbos contribution to Odinala through her music 👌🏾

8.Beautiful Rain, song by The Cavemen: ‘Oh oh rain Rain down on me Heal all my flaws Beautiful rain’, if you’re in touch with Cavemen tell them they’re stuck with me as a fan FOREVER.

9.Wade In De Water, song by Moses Hogan Singers: i love this version of the Wade In The Water song, there’s so much that could be said about this song, it’s history, it’s essence, the legend it embodies, there’s not enough space in this post. 

10.Give It to the Water, song by Stormzy: Jacob Collier, Debbie & Stormzy did a beautiful wonder with this track. the message is basically, breathren, whatever you’re going through, GIVE IT TO THE WATER. surrender to the divine darling. surrender ✨️

That’s it, my ten WATA songs. There’s a Spotify playlist available if you want to listen to them in one place, click here > WATA 💦

Okay one more thing, SOSO by Omah Lay (which has been my top vibe song of late) is not on the list but i just have to shout my fave line from the track before we exit this post: SHIBIRI, SHIBIRI, SHIBIRI, UH THEY ARE TALKIN SHI SHIBIRI WATER NO GET ENEMY TILL YOU FALL FOR OSHIMIRI!

Shout out to all the musicians out there constantly giving us life, go check out the music video of SOSO by Omah Lay on YouTube. Y’all stay blessed 🙌🏾

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