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  1. What Do You Think Of Head Coverings?

    2023-02-08 20:25:13 UTC

    The Obi of Awkuzu December 1960 by Richard & Helen Henderson Okao Aiwerioghene, Benin City, 1991 by Phyllis Galembo Servitor Homel Dorival, standing in a sacred space, poses with a ceremonial cupused in rituals, Soukri, Haiti, 1995 by Phyllis Galembo “Age-grade” (Ogbo) 02-16ogbo-douglas-royals-360x230 By Richard & Helen Henderson Oungan Silva…

  2. Spirit Theory and Seven Books That Engage It

    2023-01-21 11:40:14 UTC

    Ogbo Obodo figures for the cult of Nkpetime Spirit theory has to do with those ideas used to account for or justify the activities of spirit, we could also identify it as a set of principles on which the practice of spirit is based. They are foundational frameworks which are…

  3. Curious About Mami Wata Phenomena?, Seven Articles You May Want To Check Out

    2023-01-14 15:41:19 UTC

    In the last couple of months, We’ve received some questions on the spiritual essence of water; its primordiality, its motherhood and even its darkness or as someone put it, “that side of it that’s so willing to flood and destroy my life if I don’t submit myself to it.” MAMI…

  4. Seven Tools You Can Use To Connect Better With Your Higher Selves

    2022-11-03 20:27:25 UTC

    Photo by Jen Theodore Photo by Akira Hojo Photo by Joyce G Photo by Hans Isaacson Photo by Imerys Photo by Denis Oliveira Photo by Ashwini Chaudhary(Monty) Photo by Piret Ilver Spirit is energy and energy is Spirit. If we want to take it a step further, we could say…

  5. What Does It Mean To Be Non Human

    2022-10-16 10:09:12 UTC

    Within this reality of embodiment, to be non-human is to be spirit-first, to be spirit-centered and to be spirit-based. It means to live with consciousness and knowing that your existence did not start here. That you are rooted and anchored in the beyond, no matter how much of it you…

  6. Dear Kin Spirit - A Collection of 12 letters

    2022-09-10 22:52:16 UTC

    This series of letters was first published in medium  where it’s still available and you can listen to its audio format as well. We’ve published them on this blog as well, just so they can be available as a one pager, all in one post. Dear Kin Spirit, also happens…

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