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  1. We Do Not Mourn All The Dead

    2023-03-12 11:55:31 UTC

    in response to a question on how our people traditionally view suicide, here’s my response - a report from my observations so far. —————————————————————————————- Within the boundaries of my culture, suicide is considered an abomination (alụ). To take a life which one did not give themself is considered a distasteful…

  2. What Do You Think Of Head Coverings?

    2023-02-08 20:25:13 UTC

    The Obi of Awkuzu December 1960 by Richard & Helen Henderson Okao Aiwerioghene, Benin City, 1991 by Phyllis Galembo Servitor Homel Dorival, standing in a sacred space, poses with a ceremonial cupused in rituals, Soukri, Haiti, 1995 by Phyllis Galembo “Age-grade” (Ogbo) 02-16ogbo-douglas-royals-360x230 By Richard & Helen Henderson Oungan Silva…

  3. What Does It Mean To Be Non Human

    2022-10-16 10:09:12 UTC

    Within this reality of embodiment, to be non-human is to be spirit-first, to be spirit-centered and to be spirit-based. It means to live with consciousness and knowing that your existence did not start here. That you are rooted and anchored in the beyond, no matter how much of it you…

  4. Twelve Possible Signs That Could Indicate Your Spirit Guides Are Trying To Get Your Attention.

    2022-09-12 06:18:15 UTC

    Your spirit guides are basically a combination of the universal forces, energies and elements that work and walk with you in the cause of your life path. They consist of a multitude of codependent factors, but the goal of this post is not to discuss that.  Here as part of…

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