Sharing Is Caring

In my spiritual practice journal, I have a list of exercises / practices which I visit every other day to decide which one to use to meditate or ground myself. So for those who are constantly seeking out meditation exercises or ways to stay grounded (spirit conscious in body), I thought I’d share my list as is in my journal. I hope it’s useful!


  • Walking 
  • Stretching 
  • Conscious Breathing exercises 
  • Purification exercises 
  • Gratitude / Affirmative Journaling 
  • Music listening / singing 
  • Affirmations (out loud) 
  • Dancing. 

These are things I have on my personal list, and on every given day I use at least one exercise from the list to meditate or ground myself. On a really good day, I use a couple of them. They don’t have to take up much time, I find fifteen to thirty minutes to see to any exercise I decide feels right for each day. 

You know yourself best. Decide what could work for you (might not even be on my list),  and make a personalized list. Then see to it! 

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