Seven Tools You Can Use To Connect Better With Your Higher Selves

rocks of nature

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Spirit is energy and energy is Spirit. If we want to take it a step further, we could say energy makes room for spirit to reside, it makes it possible. Bad vibes, good vibes, it’s all about energy. Almost everyone knows the popular law of conservation of energy which says, It can neither be created nor destroyed, only converted from one form to another. 

If you know the mechanics, you can be in control of how much of a particular kind of energy you want around you. You can choose to affect or be affected. You can amplify or reduce. You can be in control. 

Nature is the greatest resource of energy, it’s where we all reside, both the seen and unseen. I say all these to say the list of seven items I’m providing below are not only known widely but they’re also not ‘magic’, just science. Most of them have the same energetic effect when applied, they can help amplify the right amount of energy to get you or your communication to the state or dimension you need them to arrive at. Your Higher Selves which I refer to in my title, is simply another way of saying your inner being, your spirit guides etc those layers we reach out to while engaging in spiritual practices or simply BEING.

Enough talk! Here’s a list of seven tools anyone can use to create the right atmosphere;

  • Water
  • Candles (lit up)
  • Earth (sand, rocks etc)
  • Kaolin (a.k.a nzu, kaole, white chalk)
  • Incense
  • Bells
  • Alligator pepper (a.k.a melegueta pepper, guinea grains, ossame or fom wisa).
  • How we use each tool matters. It’s great practice to set intentions, use your words, keep your environment clean etc. I know it’s very popular among folks to use some of these tools only or especially during a spiritual practice, but my opinion (and reality) is that we are all spiritual beings and so there’s no harm in having water around you or having a (scented) candle lit around you or placing your feet on bare ground from time to time, whatever you feel drawn to, as frequently as you can. Whether or not you are engaging in any spiritual practice. Our overall well being as humans have been shown to thrive better when we are around natural elements. 

    ⚠️ if you do decide to use candles to set your atmosphere or environment, and improve the energy around you, please set reminders to turn them off before you leave the room or home. Also pay attention to highly inflammable items in your space before you light them. If you like bells, please pay attention to noise sensitivity if you have neighbors or thin walls. And if you like incense, pay attention to flavors (in case of allergies) and smoke control / regulations.

    I hope you find tools (including those not listed) that help you connect better with your higher selves and affect your overall well-being positively. I’m happy as always to answer any questions. Safe existing 🌿

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