1. To The Unsatisfied Journalist

    2022-07-17 03:01:44 UTC
    How would you like me to begin? Madame, you asked me about where we used to call home and when we told you it no longer exists, it is now constantly shifting, you acted as though we splashed water from the sidewalk against your freshly washed jeans.  If our answers…

  2. sometime in July i let the hair on my head keep growing now i have headaches.

    2022-07-17 02:37:48 UTC
    lately, i have been sparing thoughts about the idea of having a conscience. i have never been unkind as a person, no never, but having a conscience is a different matter. black is my happy color. i have to let my dreadlocks see a decade at least. alcohol is now…

  3. I Want To Be Held Till My Anxiety Goes To Sleep

    2022-07-17 02:05:13 UTC
    On days like today, I want to be held in silence. No romance. Just friendship and hands, holding me firm and tight till all the anxiety locked in my joints vanish This might sound crazy but it is true; I am anxious most of the time but never fearful. Over…

  4. The Map To Self Discovery.

    2022-06-28 06:26:30 UTC
    Gods love is; so high - we are able, through divine grace and providence, to look towards christ and become christ(like); so wide - we are able to embrace our chi and become one with our light; so deep - we are able to look inwards and seek to understand…

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