1. My Relationship With Death

    2022-09-17 14:15:39 UTC
    My relationship with death is that I am neither afraid of it nor hopeful against it. Even now, with layers of peace,  the kind I dreamed of, unfolding and present in my life I am still as willing to welcome death as an exit from this world. Folks do not…

  2. Twelve Possible Signs That Could Indicate Your Spirit Guides Are Trying To Get Your Attention.

    2022-09-12 06:18:15 UTC
    Your spirit guides are basically a combination of the universal forces, energies and elements that work and walk with you in the cause of your life path. They consist of a multitude of codependent factors, but the goal of this post is not to discuss that.  Here as part of…

  3. Dear Kin Spirit - A Collection of 12 letters

    2022-09-10 22:52:16 UTC
    This series of letters was first published in medium  where it’s still available and you can listen to its audio format as well. We’ve published them on this blog as well, just so they can be available as a one pager, all in one post. Dear Kin Spirit, also happens…

  4. Nine Possible Reasons For Eating In Dreams

    2022-08-20 17:44:50 UTC
    The list of options i’ve provided here are simply possibilities. Ones inituition is usually the best indicator for ones truth, so you may interrogate several possibilities as to why you may be eating in your dreams, but only you can really know what resonates i.e what your truth is Here…

  5. Before The World Was Sick I Was Sick

    2022-07-17 04:25:43 UTC
    Before the world was sick, I was sick. Knee deep in work beside my mother, in a camp taking caring of other sick people. So when the news came that the world was shutting down, we took it lightly because we were already shut down. People had to be forced…

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