1. Happy Lunar New Year 🎉

    2023-01-22 14:57:48 UTC
    Photo by Andreas Dress In my household, where we use the Igbo calendar as a base, we’ve just entered the new year properly. We are officially under the new moon, Ọnwá Mbu, which is the first moon (Ọnwá) and month of 2023. So to everyone reading and to all…

  2. Spirit Theory and Seven Books That Engage It

    2023-01-21 11:40:14 UTC
    Ogbo Obodo figures for the cult of Nkpetime Spirit theory has to do with those ideas used to account for or justify the activities of spirit, we could also identify it as a set of principles on which the practice of spirit is based. They are foundational frameworks which are…

  3. Curious About Mami Wata Phenomena?, Seven Articles You May Want To Check Out

    2023-01-14 15:41:19 UTC
    In the last couple of months, We’ve received some questions on the spiritual essence of water; its primordiality, its motherhood and even its darkness or as someone put it, “that side of it that’s so willing to flood and destroy my life if I don’t submit myself to it.” MAMI…

  4. Notes on Grief

    2022-12-22 06:33:32 UTC
    Photo by Jun What do you do when your mind holds onto memories harder than your body. Your body remembers everything in its wake even though it plays along your make belief game of moving on with your life, and your mind remembers in your sleep during your most unconscious…

  5. Seven Books I Reread This Year

    2022-12-21 01:34:45 UTC
    image by penguin random house. image by new york times. image by black wash blog. image by penguin random house. image by the new black market. image by cowboys and astronauts. I’m so glad to have finally hit my book reading goal for 2022. Reading is such an important discipline…

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