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  1. If Wishes Had Wings Love Would Go There To Die

    2022-11-23 02:06:17 UTC
    Photo by Michael Fenton I wonder how often the rest of the world stays locked in with the dream world while awake. I know how often I do it, and I have concluded I don’t do it enough times because I have become uninterested. Or maybe I am still on…

  2. Those First Steps; On Walking, A Piece From An Abandoned Journal

    2022-11-14 23:34:42 UTC
    Photo by Michael Fenton When I started taking long walks, it was because I was broke. I took those 4-7 km walks because I had no money to pay for my transport fare and I needed to get somewhere to pitch a project or for free food. I would walk…

  3. Seven Tools You Can Use To Connect Better With Your Higher Selves

    2022-11-03 20:27:25 UTC
    Photo by Jen Theodore Photo by Akira Hojo Photo by Joyce G Photo by Hans Isaacson Photo by Imerys Photo by Denis Oliveira Photo by Ashwini Chaudhary(Monty) Photo by Piret Ilver Spirit is energy and energy is Spirit. If we want to take it a step further, we could say…

  4. Sharing Is Caring

    2022-10-24 16:01:00 UTC
    In my spiritual practice journal, I have a list of exercises / practices which I visit every other day to decide which one to use to meditate or ground myself. So for those who are constantly seeking out meditation exercises or ways to stay grounded (spirit conscious in body), I…

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