Nine Possible Reasons For Eating In Dreams

The list of options i’ve provided here are simply possibilities. Ones inituition is usually the best indicator for ones truth, so you may interrogate several possibilities as to why you may be eating in your dreams, but only you can really know what resonates i.e what your truth is.

Here are nine possibe reasons why you may be eating in your dreams;

  • You went to bed hungry, and as a result your mind (imagination) was on food.
  • Your Chi (godself / spiritforce) needs to be fed (revitalized). We tend to underestimate how well other factors which make up our being need to be fed. Sometimes as much as our physical body.
  • Your Chi is being fed from elsewhere, this is not necessarily good because it could mean you are surrending your self / lifeforce or authority  to something else or someone else.
  • Your spiritself is in communion with your spirit guides. This could be more common amongst people with strong water element.
  • It could be an indication that your spirit guides or a force in your life needs your attention.
  • If you can recall a specific meal type or nutrient, it could be an indication that your body needs a specific nutrient and eating it in waking could be of benefit to your health. That could be your intuitive way of  knowing.
  • You may have been craving a particular meal for a while and as a result in your sleep your subconscious mind replays a photographic loop of what you have been craving.
  • You could be receiving nourishment or some sort of fortification at a soulistic level. This could largely depend on what you are being fed.
  • It could just be that you are dreaming in the sense of just dreaming; stories, ideas, floating around in your dream eye and food just happens to be a factor.

Its important to note that the context of a dream matters, the environment, events, such and such which led up to you eating in a dream etc these are other factors that could help you discern an interpretation.

If you have a question you would like me to interrogate or respond to in this series, feel free to send it to me and if i can i will.

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