Merry Christmas πŸŽ„ and Happy Holidays πŸ₯‚

Photo by Alsu Vershinina

It’s that time of the year again guys, with Christmas fast approaching and another new year lingering at the corner waiting for us to step in. 

Those who know me well enough know I’m not really big on holidays and that includes birthdays especially because of all the noise and different versions of labor that come with them. But they also know I’m not a show spoiler lol, I will never turn down an opportunity to celebrate anything worth celebrating and especially in my household any opportunity to rest or catch a break from the usual shenanigans of life which thankfully holidays bring, will always be welcome. 

Those who know me also know I’m spirit centered, so it’s automatic that I’d definitely be taking this season to ritually tap into spirit as center, to venerate the forces of light especially the sun of God within my household. We all know that Christmas is really about the birth of the sun of God (yes I wrote *sun not son), so whether that’s Jesus Christ for you or Christ as whatever its true essence is to you, I wish you the best! Whether directly or indirectly, it’s a season of rituals, reunions, reflection, reconciliations for some, realignment for others etc. For me it’s the season for all those things, I check in with my centers. I go into myself, see where I need to act differently, do better, be better, spell out the things I want and do not want, offer myself reminders, and most importantly ground myself over and over again in my center while I let everything and anything that has become an unnecessary or undeserving stronghold fall off.

Yes, strongholds. It’s only natural that as we navigate this world and engage in all the humaning required for our survival, we collect and establish strongholds. Some necessary as well as unnecessary ones. It’s an act of wisdom on our part to decipher which is which and shed accordingly. 

2022 has been a very enlightening year for me spiritually and otherwise. Some of the enlightenment I have received within the borders of my own life have crossed over to touch others many times. In some cases it’s been great, in some cases it’s been heart wrenching, in some cases it’s simply been unwelcome. But in all I have become a better person this year for it and a recurring result for me has been growth. I have grown three years worth in one year and that’s me being modest with the measurement of time, for all of it I am grateful. 

I am grateful for acquaintances, friends, lovers, teachers, guides who have surrounded my life with lessons and presence. I am grateful for opportunities to love and to have been loved, to teach and to have been taught, to see and to have been seen, to reject and to have been rejected, to ask and to have been given, to seek and to have found. I am grateful for this little precious powerful life of mine that keeps bubbling on this earth regardless of circumstances. 

I look forward as we cut across into and beyond the Christmas and new year season with all the public celebrations and private rest that come with them, to not missing any opportunity to live in the moment, to be present where it matters (which is everywhere that touches my life), to love, to heal, to grow and finally reach that point where I can stop shying away from choosing new family simply because I have been so afraid for too long of turning the bonds that form in my life to dust. It’s time, yes it’s time to be free and to love fully all things that are deserving of my attention. And in my household all it takes to deserve a thing is to want it as badly as it is ready to be given. 

I thank you, everyone who takes out time to follow my work and read this blog. I thank you for your attention truly. There can be no madness without an audience. Your attention has given me all the permission I need to just be. To you and your households I wish a very merry Christmas and a glorious new year ahead πŸŽˆπŸŽ‰πŸ₯‚.

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