Happy Lunar New Year 🎉

Photo by Andreas Dress

In my household, where we use the Igbo calendar as a base, we’ve just entered the new year properly. We are officially under the new moon, Ọnwá Mbu, which is the first moon (Ọnwá) and month of 2023. So to everyone reading and to all who observe I say happy new year 🍻, I wish you and your household a love filled prosperous year ahead. 

This first month of the year, for me, is a great opportunity to detox, declutter and detach from all unnecessary baggage on all levels; in spirit, soul, and body. It helps me go into the year light, helps me feel good in my body and most importantly helps my spirit thrive. For this new month, I embark on purification rituals, I engage a somatic and soul fast as well. Now one might ask why do all that? And I say why not, we live in a world and age that’s so full of shit, where we’re all constantly bombarded by all sorts of things including those we ask for and those we don’t even ask for. Whether we agree to it or not, our minds and bodies are constantly infiltrated by all kinds of energies from what we eat to all the places we go or visit both offline and online. We just can’t help it, we are affected by both unwanted and wanted energies, both good and bad, as long as we simply exist in this world. So it only makes sense to me as healthy practice to take charge from time to time to rid oneself of unwanted energies and debris on all levels if you’re one to concern yourself with such practices, like myself. 

For me I go on different kinds of fasts and engage in certain rituals that cater to me on all levels as a multidimensional being. Cause this year 2023, fam it’s so important that I prosper even as the rest of my being prospers. I intend to thrive and be fully happy this year against all odds. I intend to embrace love and loving on all levels, to commune with family, to be present, to do the things that help me feel good and do them well, to face my work and to succeed beyond my wildest imagination on all levels. 

I hope you’re set to do the things that bring you joy as well ✨️ ❤️✨️

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