sloane angelou is a storyteller and writer passionate about learning of human existence by interrogating human experiences. They work as a human development strategist, constantly seeking ways (as a teacher and an inventor) to improve human society through cultural reformations and technology.

They also work as a knowledge consultant, on Igbo sciences, philosophies & spiritualities, for various organizations and groups all over the world. As a multi disciplinary artist they go by their other names, Oma, Ikenga. For their writing they apply multiple pseudonyms.

Other career labels which apply to them include: narrative designer, intuitive consultant, psychical researcher, cultural researcher, essayist, songwriter, ghostwriter, poet, sculpturist, composer, technologist, theorist, polymath, diviner, griot.


"this madness is mine to keep"The Bitchin' Kitsch 2022 nomination for the Best of the Net Anthology

Mother is sleeping Child, Hennepin Review 2023 nomination for the Best of the Net Anthology.

Mother is Sleeping Child, Hennepin Review 2022 nomination for the Best of Small Fictions.


Dry Road Home, on Kikwetu Lit Journal 2022 flash fiction contest longlist.


2021 Eloquent Magazine poetry winner for the theme // NOSTALGIA //.

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