ORIKA (everything all at once)

orika is an ongoing art collection which will be complete when it contains a hundred pieces. each piece carries a message - a wonder - a breath.


nno unu nno unu o udo unu udo unu o ekele oma ekele oma ekele oma ekele oma unu ooo

patron ghost of Iyioji

okokokoooo okala madu mmuo yi aru ka akwa echeta gi

Portrait Of My Mothers Ghost

nnem why did you leave me even after you knew i left my mother for this new life nnem gwanumu o who will hold your ghost now that i too am gone


spirit opens its mouth in several others let those that are deaf hear let those who are diviners listen let those that understand run mad

One Lifeline at a Time

how many lifes will i have lived if i hit the primordial waters a seventh time mother will you make me do it for the eight

each others harvest

woven from the same god rib breath of our breath will death keep us apart one longing at a time but what is this white split that keeps you from me


so you no go marry me shey you dey do shakara because i tell you say i love you


the spiral python mirror of the universe emblem of mother spirits totem of the deep waters emblem of scattered earth accept my offering


mother child and spirit linger as apparitions as real things in the full moon each time i look up


which god have you ever known to perceive flesh and not thirst for blood nna open your eyes before dem chop you give me give me give me blood to drink from your world before i die

OMA YI OJI in motion

show us your face oma let us see your face nwa agaba the consequence of seeing spirit is madness but if you watch it move in silence several things inside you may hold your survival

Robe Of Dreams

josef isi na mpa gi nyelu gi robes of many colors josef ima na nlo m lo ebe m na e ri ura afum owem ebe nyi my own robes of two colors


masqurades of  my father lands unmentionable names once in a moonlight spirits give me back my fathers dreams

spirit spouse

amam onye i bu afugom gi kita ka gini mezie

after Imran

adopted nephew i followed your patterns and they led me here

A Marked Thing

i asked mama if my body is a temple who will build it her spirit said all the structural linings are already embedded under your skin six feet above where you are buried oma yes that flesh that flesh is where you went to die

Sign of the Crossroads

every four point junction is a liminal spaces where gods go to die entities go to collect owed debts did you choose today to die by accident or will you make the sacrifice before we come to collect

Nsibidi Board

did you know that language dances as loudly as thunder roars in the sky now who will stop these wisdoms from forming their lines

Ça va aller

rain rain go away come again another day nwa ogbanje misses home

non human

and all this blackness who did you leave it out for to fill mother it is the void you left untattered when you brought me into this world

we are surrounded

we embody multiple suns multiple planets around us from within peeping peeping o dear peeping for when the right time to burst through our lives shall be


one two three four five six seven eight nine 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 one 2 three 4 five 6 seven 8 nine 10 eleven 12 thirteen 14 fifteen 16 seventeen 18 nineteen 20 twentyone 22 twentythree 24 twentyfive 26 twentyseven 28 mother the rebirth is in motion 

28 Suns

suns of God lights of the worlds reach us as evidence of the multitudes we carry shine over the heads of our ancestors and preserve us in all the worlds they occupy under your watch

Money Is Here

money comes to me easy, money as provision is in tune with my energies, ego abiala, my money is here in full on time with ease

Spirit Other Self

d! d! d! di mmuo di mu di mmadu di uwa D! D! D!!!!

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